Personalised Embroidered Swimming Towel

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Personalised Embroidered Swimming Sports Lover Towels, Thoughtful gift Idea, Perfect addition to any sport routine!

Ideal for any sport or hobby enthusiast who needs the perfect accessory for their fitness and leisure. Whether it is drying off or tidying away after a successful swimming session, we have you sorted!

- Large Selection of thread colours
- Add your name or the name of a loved one!
- Delivered Straight to your door, or directly to a gift recipient
- Perfect gift for birthdays, Christmas or a new sport season

- Size of bath towel approx. 49.5” x 25”

Just choose which sport you would like embroidered on and the name of the recipient!

Our Embroidered Gifts are send directly to your door, or to the address of your chosen recipient! Amazing for celebrating occasions and for a gift that comes from the heart!